When planning a green wedding, lighting is a huge factor. If your reception has little to no natural light, then you will likely have to depend on electricity. Although some people have suggested candles for low energy romantic lighting, most people probably don’t want to mix alcohol with hundreds of fire hazards.

Luckily, there are lots of alternatives.

Firstly, I would suggest looking for venues with large windows and/or low-energy lighting already in place (or daytime weddings). Using a Green Planner makes this a lot easier, as a lot of planners don’t pay attention to details like types of lighting!

Second, if you need additional lighting, want romantic lighting, or even outdoor lighting, there are always LED string lights! While they are easiest to find around Christmas (wait for the post-Christmas sales!), there are often solar patio lights sold in the summer, and lots can be found online.

And keep in mind, LED lighting has come a long way. While it used to be available in blindingly bright, they now have a lot more colour range, with softer or brighter types depending on what you’re looking for.

If you don’t want to deal with the hazards of real candles (or oil lamps), there are look-alike products that use rechargeable batteries.


You can buy these items and resell them to someone else, find used ones online, or even find rental companies that provide LED light rentals!