green weddingsWhat are Green Weddings?

A “Green” Wedding is an environmentally friendly and sustainable wedding!

Ok… so why bother?

If you are like me, and care about conserving our environment, then you may want to have a beautiful wedding while still protecting the earth. Weddings can cause a huge footprint from lighting to gas used for guests and delivered services. I can help you create a beautiful, sustainable wedding!

Or, if you haven’t heard of Green Weddings, I can help you achieve whatever vision you have while advising you with “greener” options.

Is there really that much I can do?

Absolutely! Reducing plastics and one-use items is a good place to start. Use as much natural lighting as possible and use local, sustainably sourced products! I have built a repertoire of eco-friendly suppliers to help with your big day.

Do we have to get an eco-wedding?

Of course not, it is your big day! I am happy to plan your perfect wedding in whatever way you like. I understand budget can play a big part, and I will be happy to discuss the options with you.