Travel Themed Wedding

During the WPIC course, we were challenged to plan a wedding in a day. We were given information about our hypothetical clients and came up with a wedding to match their lifestyle. For my young, adventurous couple, I came up with a travel themed wedding at Ottawa’s beautiful….

A Summer Wedding in PEI

Melanie and Walter got married in PEI. A beautiful summer wedding in the middle of August. If I had to describe my trip in one word, it would be WHIRLWIND. I left Thursday night, arriving to the island around midnight, the ceremony was on Sunday, and I left Monday afternoon…

A Mid May Wedding

A twist on the “backyard” wedding, Greta and Evan held their ceremony at a public park across the street from the groom’s parents’ house. The reception was held 20 minutes away at a hidden gem called Holiday Gardens, in Pickering, ON. It was a creative and colourful wedding for this artistic…