Say Yes to the (right) Dress!

Every bride wants to look beautiful and feel special on their wedding day. While it can be difficult to find your perfect dream dress, it is also rewarding when you do!

But how do you balance your fashion with staying eco-friendly? It takes a bitof extra research, but you’ll be helping the planet and your budget!

  1. Look for second-hand or gently used gowns near you!
    • You can find a style that you like, even if you don’t love it, and get it altered to make it your dream dress! (In Ottawa, Darling Vintage looks promising for some vintage wedding dresses)
  2. Look for local designers and fabricators.
    • Dresses made in factories and shipped across the world have the worst environmental impact. Consider local options, for instance in Ottawa, Norde Bridal (used to be Handmade Bride) make all of their dresses in Ottawa, and work with Canadian dress designers!
  3. Rent a dress!
    • Why is renting a tux so much more acceptable than renting a dress for your big day? You’ll only wear it once so why not find one for rent? While it’s harder to find these in Ottawa than Toronto… There’s a boutique in Montreal that has new and used dresses for rent or purchase! (Oui je le voeux)
  4. Don’t forget about the rest of the wedding party (and your guests).
    • Stores like Rent Frock Repeat offer rental dresses for almost any occasion! (Unfortunately bridal gowns are just about the only thing they don’t have). Be sure to let your friends, family, and bridesmaids know about stores like these as an option to help keep your wedding eco-friendly!

Love It or Hate It: Evites

Picking the invitations is a classic part of any wedding movie and an important decision in real weddings as well.

bride wars

However there’s been a rising trend in using electronic invites for weddings, and personally I love it!

That is… As long as it’s done right. Facebook events probably aren’t the way to go since it is a bit too formal, and people probably won’t know how official it is.

The best way to do evites is using a website like Paperless Post where you can customize your invitations to like just like a paper version, and the best part is that it can be completely free (though there are premium options and a recipient limit of 2000).

You will probably spend over $1,000 on invitations if you send the real thing. Plus you have to count on people sending them back in a timely fashion, and following up with a phone call when you don’t hear back. Evites are an easy way to keep track, send reminders to your guests, and make it easy to send out reminders and additional information when you need to!

And hey, what happens to those hundreds of paper invites after the wedding? They probably end up in the trash.

new girl.gif


Bright Ideas

When planning a green wedding, lighting is a huge factor. If your reception has little to no natural light, then you will likely have to depend on electricity. Although some people have suggested candles for low energy romantic lighting, most people probably don’t want to mix alcohol with hundreds of fire hazards.

Luckily, there are lots of alternatives.

Firstly, I would suggest looking for venues with large windows and/or low-energy lighting already in place (or daytime weddings). Using a Green Planner makes this a lot easier, as a lot of planners don’t pay attention to details like types of lighting!

Second, if you need additional lighting, want romantic lighting, or even outdoor lighting, there are always LED string lights! While they are easiest to find around Christmas (wait for the post-Christmas sales!), there are often solar patio lights sold in the summer, and lots can be found online.


And keep in mind, LED lighting has come a long way. While it used to be available in blindingly bright, they now have a lot more colour range, with softer or brighter types depending on what you’re looking for.

If you don’t want to deal with the hazards of real candles (or oil lamps), there are look-alike products that use rechargeable batteries.


You can buy these items and resell them to someone else, find used ones online, or even find rental companies that provide LED light rentals!

Wedding Day Brunch!

When I think of brunch, I think pancakes, french toast, pastries, and lazy mornings!

When people hear “brunch” and “wedding” together, they are usually thinking the day-after brunch with the wedding party. But recently I’ve fallen in love with the idea of a brunch wedding ceremony.

First of all, from a Green Wedding perspective it’s brilliant. Using natural daylight for your whole wedding saves a tonne of energy and carbon emissions. Ideally in an outdoor setting or an indoor venue with lots of windows to let that light in.

But second, who could resist a delicious spread of pastries!
pastry table

Now I know I just said this can be done indoors, but I really really love the idea of having this outdoors. You can always rent a tent for the dancing as it’s an easy way to give you some shade and almost simulating a more evening-like feel.

Check out my princess brunch wedding board on Pinterest to see more ideas!